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Beach Cruiser Bikes

by Beach Cruiser
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Beach Cruiser Bikes For Women

So, what are Beach Cruiser Bikes for Women?


Beach cruiser bicycles have been around for many years. They have been since the 1930s. They were very popular in the 1950s and had a resurgence in the 1990s. These bikes are meant to be very comfortable to ride. If you are not comfortable on the bicycle, you are definitely not cruising. These bikes are meant for leisure strolls along the beach, the park, short distances over flat terrain.

This is a bicycle where you sit upright. It should be as comfortable as sitting on a nice chair. The pedals are a bit ahead of the seat, which allows you to ride with a straight back. This is how beach cruiser bikes for women look:

Beach Cruiser Bikes For Women

What about the handlebars and seat?


A good beach cruiser bike has good handlebars. The handlebars should face the rider. Most of them have indentations for each finger, providing a better grip and control. The handlebars should be at the level of your torso and help you cruise in an upright posture. The handlebars can be adjusted up or down by raising or lowering the front stem. The hands should be near the chest when resting on the handlebar, which allows you to ride upright.

The seat is wider. It is essential to match the bike’s frame with the height and reach of the rider. A 15” frame will be suitable for adults from 4′ to 5’4″. Frames 15″ to 21″ will suit adults 5′ to 6′. If you are taller than 6′, you might need an extended frame.

What sort of tires do they use?


Beach cruiser bikes have what’s called balloon tires. These tires have extra strength and give you more height. They work fine with low pressure, which prevents getting flat tires. However, they cause drag because they are thicker than normal tires, so you won’t be able to go as quick as with a street bike. But, you will be able to go on and off the kerb without having to worry about getting a flat tire. This is not a performance bike. It is bike that is mainly for comfort. These tires are good for riding on sand, gravel, and pavement.

Are they much different to normal bicycles?


The style of the bike has round and flowing lines. Some bikes don’t even have a center bar or it is low to allow you to mount and dismount without worrying about your skirt. The chain is covered to avoid your skirt getting caught up and to keep your legs clean.

They have up to three gears, to keep it simple. They have coaster breaks, to free your hands, so you pedal backwards to break.

Is there much difference between beach cruiser bikes for women and men?


Women’s cruiser bikes come in softer colours. These are called “candy colours”, which include pink, powder blue, and white. Unlike other bicycles, these are made from steel, so they are much heavier than hybrid and road bikes.

As mentioned earlier, beach cruiser bicycles are meant for leisure strolls along the beach, the park, etc. You should avoid the hills, as they have a few or no gears at all. They are better suited for flat terrain.

Well, this was an introduction to what beach cruiser bicycles are. I hope you found the information in this brief guide useful.This website contains plenty of beach cruiser bikes reviews, as well. Here’s a video showing what beach cruiser bikes for women look like and the sort of bikes that you can find:




This website contains links to products related to beach cruiser bikes for women, as well as guides, videos that you will surely find useful and informative.

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Beach Cruiser Bikes For Women


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