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Our First Contest

by Beach Cruiser
Hi everybody!
I have just launched our Beach Cruiser Bikes For Women First Contest.

In this contest, you will be allocated entries for doing tasks like: watching a video, visiting a Facebook page, answering a multiple-choice question, tweeting about the contest, pinning an image on Pinterest, visiting an external website, and referring your friends.

The entry points that you get from doing most of the tasks are limited. However, if you share with your friends and they refer you, you get entry points every time people refer you.

There is a Live Leaderboard that allows you to keep track of how many entry points you currently have. This is not a giveaway, but a contest, so there’s only one winner and you are competing with the other participants. The one who gets the most entries will win the US$35 PayPal Cash prize.

I have tried in previous occasions to run an Amazon GiftCard Giveaway, but it was too complicated.

I think offering a PayPal Cash prize is much easier for everyone.

To check the Leaderboard, just click on the Live Leadeboard button on the bottom right of the contest.

So, what are you waiting for?!

 Best of luck!

Francesca Tabarini

This giveaway has been posted at: Sweepstakes Bug, Infinite Sweeps, Hyper Sweep, and Sweepstakes Crazy.

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