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26″ DK Duke Men’s Fat Tire Bike

The 26-inch DK Duke Men’s Fat Tire Bike is a stylish way to get around town or nature trails. The design gives you extra control and traction when you go off-road and lets you float easier on snow for safe winter riding. The 26-inch men’s bike frame is made from lightweight aluminum for easy transport and durability. The "Hardnose" fork features strong steel to handle heavy-duty mountain bike performance demands. A seven-speed drivetrain lets you select the correct gear for uphill or level cycling to make your pedal power more efficient, so you can ride farther with less fatigue. This DK bike features disc brakes on the front and cantilever brakes on the rear wheel for fast and safe stops. A padded seat offers comfort when you take an all-day trek. The pedals are the traditional mountain bike style, which lets you pedal from either side for convenience.<br><br><b>Please note:</b> If you select Site to Store delivery, your bike(s) will not be assembled upon pickup.